Sunday, October 7, 2007

Pasar Malam

The marquees are up and the stage is decorated and set. Weather - perfect.

Pasar Malam - the most anticipated night after a week long multicultural celebration, and months of hard work and dedication by the MCW committee as well as other university departments which have helped us to make this event smooth running.
We had a great line up of performers with WASAMBA, lion dancing and African drumming just to name a few and the turn out was well over what we were expecting. An estimated 15 000 people attended the event! So thank you to everyone who came along to support the event. Hope you enjoyed yourselves as well!

General comments from stall holders about Pasar Malam 2007 was that it was a very well organised event, a great variety of foods (so no clashes) as well as volunteers and committee members who were quick to respond to any problems they had.
Students said they were able to try so many varieties of different ethnic foods in one place and the best thing was being able to catch up with long time friends who they'd never expected to see at such an event with such a great atmosphere. Performances were also given a thumbs up!

Security was very pleased with the behaviour of the crowd and crowd control by the volunteers.
Overall, the night was a grand success with all parties happy with the end result!

Unfortunately, due to the lack of manpower on our side, volunteers and commitee members were very busy on the night running around trying to accomodate stall holders, control the crowd and make sure everything was running smoothly. As a result, we are very "photo-less" for the event which is sad. But at least the memories of the night's event will stay with us forever.

The MCW Committee 2007 would like to take the time to thank all of our sponsors. Thank you to Curtin University and the Curtin Student Guild, Longmont Engineering and Auspole Fabrication, Perth Education City, Utopia, Connections, STA Travel, AHM and IDP for your kind support and sponsorhip. The week long multicultural celebrations ending with Pasar Malam would not have been possible without your support

We would like to take the time to thank all the volunteers who were able to help out on the night of Pasar Malam even if it was only for a couple of hours. Your help has been much appreciated! Also, a big thanks to those volunteers who helped out during the week of multicultural festivities! We hope you've enjoyed the experience as much as we have had organising it! Hope you guys are encouraged to continue to do voluntary work around campus especially for ISC!

Stay tuned for more photo updates!

International Students Committee

ISC (who organised Multicultural Week and Pasar Malam amongst other events) is a department of the Curtin Student Guild and is the peak representative body of International students in Curtin University. Besides our representation jobs, we also conduct a few events for International students to broaden their social network!

Just to let you know there are a few positons that are available in ISC for the 2008 term.

These include Marketing Officer, Events Officer, Public Relations Officer, Education and Welfare Officer, Publications Officer and General Secretary. If you are interested in any of these postions, please contact Manish Jhowry - who is the current ISC Convenor as well as the Convenor for 2008

Joining the committee will not be a decision you will regret! You will get the chance to meet a lot of people and make friends as well as learn so much more than you could ever get our of your degree. Plus, you will also get the chance to organise cool events like Pasar Malam!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Asia Day

Introducing San San our Asia Day Co-ordinator. San San has lined up some great cultural performances by MASCA (Malaysian Student's Council of Australia), a fashion parade by VSA (Vietnamese Student Associaition) as well as Chinese calligraphy and lantern booth.

Below, MASCA in ethnic Malaysian dress and some more pictures from their performance. Please click on the pictures to view them larger.

Below on the left are the MC's for the fashion parade John Paul and Anna, and on the right are some of our lovely models from VSA in traditional Asian garments from Vietnam, China, India and Japan.

Please click on the pictures to view them larger.

Amongst the programs we had lined up for the day, the Vice Chancellor of Curtin University, Jeanette Hackett, decided to drop by to join in on the Asia Day festivities.
We also took this opportunity to present Jeanette with our handmade MCW gift for 2007 which is composed of our collectible postcards. Chairperson Ming, presenting our gift to the Vice Chancellor.

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Today we're celebrating Asia Day with cultural performances by MASCA and a fashion parade by VSA so please drop by Henderson Court for the show!

And don't forget tonight is the much anticipated PASAR MALAM!!! Please come along to support the event, it's going to be really exciting, so hope to see you all there! Just a reminder of the event details:

Time: 6pm - late
Venue: John Curtin Forum and Alcoa Court (where they hold the graduations at Curtin University, Bentley Campus)

Pasar Malam Itenarary
5:45 Arrival of guests
6:15 Address by Guest of Honour
6:45 Opening Ceremony
7:30 Didgeridoo
7:45 Lion Dance
8:15 Fozz and Sash
8:30 Raffles Draw and Prize giving ceremony
8:55 African Drumming
9:55 Capoeira
10:15 The Violet Flames
11:00 Closing Ceremony

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Europe Day

Introducing Sheryl our Europe Day Co-ordinator (with one of our volunteers Kevin).

Sheryl has organised for us a delectable line up of acts for Europe Day. Kicking off with some dances of Alsace by Souleiado in Atkinson Forum.

There was also a free kick soccer game just outside the ANZ ATM corridor as well as the very popular tarot reading. Two of our committee members went to get their "cards" read and both said the tarot reader was quite accurate.

Later, there was the very attractive Tea Party which was set up just above Atkinson Forum. There was a variety of pastries to try including apple pies, tarts, chocolate donuts and more... as well as a variety of English teas including Earl Grey and English Breakfast teas.

And just to set the mood for Europe Day, we had a very cool accordian player come in to play for us and he's from a French background too and has been playing for over 17 years!

Free foods and drinks are always too good to refuse! Hope all those who came to taste the pastries enjoyed it!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Africa Day

Introducing our Africa Day Co-ordinator Amanda who has lined up some great acts for Africa Day!

Here she is in front of the World Vision stall outside the ANZ ATM area.
During the afternoon, we had some World Vision seminars by World Vision.

During the lunch period we had some African drumming beats to dance along to outside the ANZ ATM corridor.

It drew a sizable crowd and created a great atmosphere for Africa Day!

We also had a hair braiding stall, World Vision stall as well as a quiz booth set up outside.

We also had the MCW signature wall where students were able to sign a message to the people of Africa. It's going to be a gift sent by World Vision to the Africans, so thank you to all who signed the wall! =)

Please don't forget to drop by our daily MCW booths to buy your raffle tickets for only $1! Half the proceeds will be donated to World Vision.

Think about it. Imagine having to drink dirty water or no water at all... not just for one day... but everyday!

So please lend your support to World Vision and buy one of our raffle tickets which will be drawn during Pasar Malam. You also go in the running to win some great prizes such as a trip to the Alice Springs, ipod shuffles, USBs and printers!

So don't miss out the chance to win something for yourself!

Raffles Draw

Prize #1
A trip to Alice Springs proudly sponsored by STA Travel at Curtin University.

Prize #2
x2 HP printers

Prize #3
x2 ipod shuffles

Prize #4
x2 1G USB pen drives

We're selling tickets for a raffles draw and 50% of our proceeds will go to World Vision. Tickets for the raffle draw are only $1 and puts you in the draw to win the prizes mentioned above!

Raffles prizes will be drawn during Pasar Malam 6pm, Alcoa Court and John Curtin Forum on Friday Oct 5. Be there to claim your prize!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Pasar Malam Volunteers

We're still looking for more volunteers on the night of Pasar Malam (October 5).

We need volunteers to start from 3pm onwards and any help will be greatly appreciated so please sign up as soon as possible. You can contact Tommy Lim via mobile to register your interest or for further enquirires on 0431 310 810 or email him at

The perks of being a volunteer!
#1. You'll get one of our very cool Multicultural Week 2007 t-shirts! Here we have our very cool committee members striking a pose in our stunning turquoise shirts!

#2. You'll get a certificate for your participation in MCW 2007 as a volunteer. This would look very cool on your resume! =)

#3. You will meet lots of fun and friendly people from all cultures and backgrounds and best of all... make new friends!!!

So why not sign up to be a volunteer for Pasar Malam today!

Just download the registration form here and email it to Tommy our HR Officer at

And yes, we do give you permission to harass our beloved Chairperson Ming!... and yes, that is a screwdriver that Tommy is holding up to Ming's *erm-hem*...